The system

The TRAKKTIVE - Next Generation Fitness Tracker is the first self-service 3D body scanner for the fitness market.

150cm x 150cm in size, it fits into any gym and still offers plenty of space inside.

The scanner is lockable and gives you the privacy you need. The system is very easy to use and can be used by everyone, no additional staff is necessary.
trakktive walk-in full-body scanner with open door
human body in 3d in the foreground, next to a smartphone with interface

The 3D body scan

Your virtual avatar in under 2 seconds scan time. We create an exact 3D image of you.

Your 3D avatar is then measured and you receive a detailed overview of your body circumferences (chest, arm, waist, etc ...) From your circumferences and your weight, we then calculate your body fat percentage and your muscle mass.

Only you get access to your scans and the measurements of your body and can track them exactly with the help of the TRAKKTIVE app.
The TRAKKTIVE scanner offers a self-service 3D body scanner for every fitness studio on 150 cm x 150 cm and a height of approx. 230 cm.

Inside the scanner, a multi-touch display has been installed, which guides the user intuitively through the scanning process.
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trakktive team in the studio with trakktive body scanner in the background